BÜCHER I Neuerscheinungen

Alec Ash: The Mountains Are High – A Year of Escape and Discovery in Rural China, 272 Seiten, Scribe UK, 13,89 Pfund +++ Dale C. Copeland: A World Safe for Commerce – American Foreign Policy from the Revolution to the Rise of China, 504 Seiten, Princeton University Press, 38 $ +++ Jessica Imbach: Digital China: Creativity and Community in the Sinocybersphere, 312 Seiten, Amsterdam University Press, 124 Euro +++ Pierre-Antoine Donnet: China the Super Predator: A Challenge for the Planet, 304 Seiten, Changemakers Books, 17,95 $  +++ Anne Stevenson-Yang: Wild ride – a short story of the opening and closing of the Chinese economy, 176 Seiten, Bui Jones, 12,09 Pfund +++ Minxin Pei: The Sentinel State: Surveillance and the Survival of Dictatorship in China, 336 Seiten, Harvard University Press, 31,95 $ +++ Yang Zhong und Ronald F. Inglehart: China As Number One? The Emerging Values of a Rising Power, 248 Seiten, University of Michigan Press, rund 29 Euro +++ Dali L. Yang: Wuhan – How the Covid-19 Outbreak in Wuhan, China Spiraled Out of Control, 416 Seiten, OUP USA, 35 $ +++ Yuan Wang: The Railpolitik – Leadership and Agency in Sino-African Infrastructure Development, 288 Seiten, Oxford University Press, rund 112 Euro

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