BÜCHER I Neuerscheinungen

Sonya E. Pritzker: Learning to Love: Intimacy and the Discourse of Development in China, 232 Seiten, The University of Michigan Press, rund 30 Euro  +++ Huiyao Wang und Mabel Lu Miao: Enhancing Global Governance in a Fragmented World, 323 Seiten, Sopringer, rund 53,50 Euro  +++ Chris Patten: The Hong Kong Diaries, 512 Seiten, Penguin, 22,89 $ +++ Christian Schultheiss: Ocean Governance and Conflict in the East and South China Sea – Negotiating Natural Resources, Institutions and Power, 371 Seiten, Amsterdam University Press, 155 $ +++ David Zweig: The War for Chinese Talent in America: The Politics of Technology and Knowledge in Sino-U. S. Relations, 200 Seiten, Association of Asian Studies, 18 $ +++ Zhiliang Su, Lifei Chen und Yao Fei: Historical Studies on Comfort Women in Shanghai, A Field Study Approach, World Scientific Publication Company, 548 Seiten, 138 $ +++ Amy Zhang: Circular Ecologies – Environmentalism and Waste Politics in Urban China, 216 Seiten, Stanford University Press, 104,50 $ +++ Li Guo, Douglas Eyman und Hongmei Sun: Games & Plays in Chinese & Sinophone Cultures, 302 Seiten, University of Washington Press, 32 $ +++ Andrea E. Pia: Cutting the Mass Line – Water, Politics, and Climate in Southwest China, 340 Seiten, John Hopkins University Press, 49,95 $ +++ Matt Pottinger (Ed.): The Boiling Moat – Urgent Steps to Defend Taiwan, 288 Seiten, Hoover Institution Press, rund 23 $

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